Geminare Inc.

Geminare delivers continuity services and automated indexed archiving tools, that keep your business running, uninterrupted, during a system failure with no capital investment.

Geminare’s Recovery as a Service portfolio is comprised of Cloud Recovery, iCloudRecovery and Cloud Storage Assurance 2.0.

Cloud Recovery is a Server Replication offering that allows your organization to conduct business as usual during a critical server failure through automatic failover and redirection of your users to a real-time, replicated server environment in the Cloud. Failover is seamless and rapid, with users and applications up and running in mere seconds, ensuring continued service for your customers.

iCloudRecovery allows all Recovery as a Service Portal users including partners and their customers to manage their entire replicated server infrastructure directly from their iPhone, affording them a real-time service response level unparalleled in the industry.

Cloud Storage Assurance 2.0 is the industry’s first backup and archiving solution that affords its users the ability to store their data files and emails on virtually any public or private cloud storage platform. With fast and easy access to stored data and emails, CSA 2.0 provides companies with a unique audit trail for each individual file, confirming complete document assurance and data integrity regardless of choice of public cloud.

With Geminare’s Recovery as a Service there is no software or hardware to purchase, meaning no capital investment is required. You simply pay an affordable monthly subscription fee, and instantly enjoy the benefits of enterprise-level continuous application availability and data archiving.

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