Echoworx Corporation


Echoworx is a provider of software security solutions for enhancing privacy and trust in electronic communications. With the introduction of privacy legislation and an increasing awareness of Internet security threats, it is imperative that all email users take steps to protect the privacy of their commercial and personal information.

Echoworx products make protecting electronic information simple, whether the information is traveling through the Internet or resting on a hard drive. Echoworx Secure Mail and Echoworx Secure File Storage products rely on industry trusted standards such as public key infrastructure (PKI) and S/MIME, and are designed to be operated by:

•Internet Service Providers (ISPs)

•Businesses and enterprises

•Application Service Providers (ASPs)

The Echoworx Secure Services (ESS) platform is the foundation for all Echoworx applications. ESS is a fully integrated PKI platform that automatically manages the complex processes of issuing, managing, suspending and revoking the X509 certificates, and the associated identities of end users. These certificates are used by all Echoworx applications in the processes of encrypting, signing, and decrypting end user information, whether this information is being sent.

Echoworx also provides consulting and professional services in connection with the design, development, deployment and management of privacy solutions based on the Echoworx’ Secure Services platform as well as the customization of Echoworx’ standard applications.

The Internet allows us to share electronic information. It’s now time to pay attention to ensuring the privacy of electronic information.

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