BSM Wireless Inc.

The Mission of BSM Technologies is to provide high security vehicle tracking, management and real-time warning services for commercial, consumer and law enforcement markets. The company designs, manufactures and markets a comprehensive line of AVSL (Automatic Vehicle Security and Locating) products that are then integrated into ongoing full service solutions to customers.

From Fleet Management and Consumer Vehicle Protection products, to the full featured “Stinger” product featured in news media worldwide as the key technology behind the Bait and Covert application used by Law Enforcement to deter auto, trailer and heavy equipment theft, BSM products are characterized by superior functionality, high data throughput, enhanced reliability, advanced security features, and excellent value for money.

BSM Technologies develops and sells its products through three subsidiary companies, BSM Wireless, HGI Wireless, and SecTrack. BSM Wireless serves as the marketing organization for BSM Technologies. HGI Wireless is the Research and Development arm of the company. Newly acquired by BSM Technologies, SecTrack is known as the company that made Inmarsat D+ technology usable and affordable. It is now used in fleet management applications all over the world.

BSM Technologies Inc. is a public company (GPS – TSX Venture Exchange) with its world headquarters in Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada, and with a branch office in Florida, USA and Antwerpen, Belgium.

BSM Technologies has been named to the 2007 Branham 300 Listing of top Canadian IT companies.

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