Geminare Enables Recovery as a Service Solutions for HP Partners

Geminare, the #1 ranked global leader in Recovery as a Service (RaaS), today announced that it has achieved HP CloudSystem Ready status, enabling HP partners to leverage Geminare’s RaaS solutions embedded on HP CloudSystem technologies.

Geminare’s RaaS enablement technology was recently awarded the Highest Product Rating Score in Gartner’s 2013 Critical Capabilities for Recovery as a Service Report, and is widely acknowledged as the industry’s most mature, proven, and accepted Cloud-based RaaS offering.

Joshua Geist, Geminare’s CEO, stated, “We’ve worked with HP for over a year to develop a comprehensive RaaS program. Thanks to these efforts, Geminare’s RaaS solutions leveraging HP technology can now be rapidly and easily deployed throughout HP’s extensive partner ecosystem.”

The HP CloudSystem Ready program and “Geminare RaaS delivered on HP CloudSystem technologies,” allows HP partners to enter one of the fastest growing “as-a-service” markets. Technavio, for example, in its November 2013 Global Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service Market Report, projects a global market increasing from $640.8 million in 2013 to $5.77 billion by 2018.

“As organizations increasingly adopt hybrid cloud environments they are looking for tested infrastructure support and technology to ease provisioning and management of the cloud,” said Doug Oathout, vice president, Alliance Enterprise Group, HP. “Geminare’s inclusion in the HP CloudSystem Ready Program brings customers and partners the much-needed ability to instantly embrace the substantial value inherent in the high-growth RaaS market.”

Geist added, “I am delighted that Geminare’s RaaS technologies can now be easily enabled for HP customers and partners alike. I believe that our #1 ranked RaaS technology deployed in HP private IaaS platforms, or within the HP CloudSystem, presents significant opportunity for both customers and partners. RaaS is fast becoming the de facto standard for disaster recovery and business continuity deployments that were traditionally comprised of a multitude of vendors and technologies. I’m confident that HP and its partner community will accelerate RaaS adoption in the months and years ahead.”

Whitepapers on Geminare’s RaaS delivered on HP Cloud Technologies, as well as toolkits and launch programs are available through the HP AllianceOne Partner Portal.

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