Financeit offers businesses and their customers ease and flexibility of financing

Peer-to-peer payments are currently gaining popularity, but what about peer-to-peer lending? Financeit is preaching the benefits of financing and the company’s point of sale options and services now have over 4,000 partners.

The benefits they hope businesses, including Independent merchants, sole proprietors and mom and pop shops and these businesses’ customers, include no fees or penalties for paying out early as well as making initial payments.

Leveraging mobile devices, apps and services that many users are comfortable with, Financeit also aims to take the fear, uncertainty and doubt often attached to financial services which always seem to stand to make a profit off customers.

Fianceit has $928 million in loan applications received from customers. Aiming for ease of use, Financeit has worked over may of the pain points of the process for getting a financing loan, so that its customers simply need to enter the point-by-point information from customers to enable financing on products and services.

Daniel Mayne, Financeit’s Director of customer success walked me through some aspects of the process which seemed straightforward enough and which highlights Easy to use entry points, help centre, points for borrowers and even support for eSign.

What this means for customers of Financeit’s partner  businesses is the option to invoke financing rather than outright payments or using more credit cards which have notoriously higher interest rates.

“The option for financing is attractive with a number of promotional programs resulting in an increase in sales and deferred sales,” Mayne points out. Consumers find this option acceptable, specially since they can since Financeit allows the use of pre-authorized debit which ensures overall lower interest rates and charges.

Financeit features competitive rates, instant approvals and intuitive loan management leading to an easier way to start boosting sales with consumer financing.

A Forester research study from last year showed that businesses which offered financing as a payment option enjoyed 20 per cent increase in sales which is significant for smaller businesses trying to make a profit in a competitive economy.

The walkthrough demo showed a straightforward and surprisingly transparent method of signing a customer up for a loan.

Partner merchants can use various features and support mechanisms like a purchase calculator, library function, posters, zero per cent interest and the option to pay monthly. Once a business signs up, they get access to a partner guide. Principal loan application forms are also available for those who prefer a non digital approach but most of it is online or through the app.

Other conveniences of the iOS app is that it can scan driver’s license to autocomplete information. Send it to the applicant and for signing on their device provided they have an internet connection.

Financeit has been around since 2011 in Canada and the service started last Fall in the US in a few states.


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