Portfolio Company Testimonials

“BEST Funds provides a level of flexibility that involves adapting to individual company’s needs and generating the best possible funding solution. The secured loan provided by BEST Funds allowed for N-Dimension to obtain the cash flow necessary to expand our operations while minimizing dilution and providing BEST Funds with the return they required.” Doug Westlund, CEO, N-Dimension Solutions
“We chose to expand our initial three-year relationship with Best Funds to five years in order to acquire additional funding to continue to build our company. The second round of funding from BEST Funds provided Questrade with the opportunity to build on our existing partnership and acquire a financing solution that worked for our company.” Dean Percy, CFO, Questrade
“We have found our partnership with BEST Funds to be excellent. The initial funding provided by BEST Funds allowed us to rapidly grow deeper into the Canadian market. The most recent financing (of $3 million) is enabling us to implement scalable sales processes that will enable XPI to grow globally.” Peter Kaju, CFO, XPI
BEST Funds is actively looking to provide financing for companies in various stages of growth. For more information or to submit a business plan please complete our secure web form.