Cedarcom deploys DragonWave’s Horizon Compact for backhaul in its Mobi and WiMAX networks

DragonWave Inc., the worlds’ supplier of packet microwave radio systems for mobile and access networks, today announced that Cedarcom, the leading Lebanese telecommunications provider, is deploying the Horizon  Compact to deliver high capacity Ethernet backhaul throughout its Mobi and WiMAX wireless networks.

Cedarcom’s network provides extensive coverage, both indoor and outdoor, using multiple wireless technologies.

Global connectivity is delivered to its business and residential customers via innovative broadband packages providing bandwidth up to 2 Mbps. As the Mobi network continues to grow, the Horizon Compact is playing a key role in extending coverage to major cities in Mount Lebanon, North, South, and Bekaa valley.

Compared to traditional TDM or hybrid (TDM/IP) microwave solutions the Horizon Compact has many advantages. Extensive cost optimization can be realized through smarter network design and inherent scalability. The best characteristics of ring, mesh and traditional hub and spoke design can be combined to effect TCO (total cost of ownership) improvements of up to 40%.

Alan Solheim, DragonWave’s VP of Marketing, noted, ‘Cash flow is optimized throughout the product life-cycle and on multiple levels; training costs are lower, installation and commissioning costs are lower, operations and maintenance costs are lower. Site costs are driven down by product characteristics that include low power consumption, minimal tower or mast-loading and simplified cabling.’

Echoing those comments, Imad Tarabay, CEO at Cedarcom, said:
‘The Horizon Compact has become an extremely potent backhaul solution in our network. It has helped us drive our costs down while at the same time providing the bandwidth scalability we need to grow our business. Our objective is to consistently build and deliver new, attractive and competitively priced services. In this context a DragonWave powered backhaul network provides an excellent foundation for future expansion in our business.’

A class leading packet microwave product the Horizon Compact operates in bands from 6 GHz to 38 GHz and is capable of delivering scalable backhaul capacity from 10 Mbps to 800 Mbps. Introduced in 2007, it is the first packet microwave platform to deliver carrier grade Ethernet performance in an all outdoor, fully integrated enclosure. Combined with a comprehensive software-driven feature set the Horizon Compact enables operators such as Cedarcom to fully exploit the cost savings that can be generated using Ethernet backhaul.

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