BEST Funds invests in two new portfolio companies in Q3 2011

Toronto, Canada – 22 November 2011 – BEST Funds, a leading Canadian Venture Capital firm, is pleased to announce that it has finalized two exciting new investments with key technology companies making their mark on the technological landscape. BEST Funds completed initial investments in Infonaut Inc (Infonaut), and OneBigPlanet Corp (OneBigPlanet). Continuing in line with BEST’s mandate to provide debt and equity financing to promising and innovative local companies, the investee companies reflect Canada’s emerging technology sector.

For Infonaut – a healthcare focused Technology Company – this is its first investment from BEST Funds. The investment closes on the heels of Infonaut’s noteworthy and industry-changing contributions to the healthcare sector following the SARS crisis.

Infonaut’s solution, Hospital Watch Live, is an innovative platform for hospitals to control and stop hospital acquired infections. Their vision is helping to improve patient safety, to save lives and save money.

“With the early support of BEST Funds, we are properly able to take the expertise and unique knowledge we developed from SARS and focus on commercialization activities in our core markets outside of Canada,” stated Niall Wallace, CEO – Infonaut Inc.

BEST Funds is anticipating a growing mutually beneficial relationship with Infonaut and is excited to be a part of this industry-leading healthcare technology development as they grow and export made-in Ontario innovation to global markets.

BEST Funds’ first investment in OneBigPlanet is the beginning of an exciting partnership with the leading digital commerce innovator.

As the Intelligent Offer Network, OneBigPlanet is leading the transformation happening in the digital couponing and Daily Deal industry. More and more, consumers will receive deals via their normal consumption patterns. This has given birth to OneBigPlanet’s evolved Intelligent Offer Network business model. The Intelligent Offer Network provides the ability to monetize an audience via deals with a focus on scalability and flexibility.

“We are thrilled about our financial partnership with BEST Funds because we feel that they share our vision of transforming the deals industry by aggregating all the deals and allowing publishers the ability to publish those deals to their customers in a relevant way”, said CEO Eric Aubertin.

Ongoing and industry-leading projects and partnerships are the basis of OneBigPlanet’s continuing success.  BEST Funds anticipates a highly successful symbiotic partnership that will ensure a platform of growth, success, and mutual benefit for both partners.

Commenting on BEST Funds’ new investments, BEST Funds’ CEO John Richardson noted “With our first investment in Infonaut Inc, we are excited to be supporting a Canadian company positioned to play an essential role in the way in which healthcare will be able to better respond to the needs of patients, citizens, government organizations, agencies, healthcare providers and related private-sector companies through their innovative data collection solutions. OneBigPlanet’s cutting-edge social commerce technologies are a great addition to the BEST Funds portfolio of companies.  We are enthusiastic about our support for OneBigPlanet as it continues forward with new partnerships, innovations, and localized platforms. We are anticipating a long-term relationship with OneBigPlanet, and again are proud to support Canadian industry.” 

For more information about Infonaut and OneBigPlanet please visit, and 





About BEST Investment Counsel Limited (

Founded in 1996, BEST Funds is a leading Canadian venture capital firm. BEST is the manager of venture capital funds as well as accredited investor funds and has successfully completed over 350 transactions to date, representing the entire spectrum of VC financing, from seed-and-start-up to later-stage financing. The firm’s principals bring a wealth of experience and professional designations including, CA, CFA, CBV, MBA, MSC, & LLB.

The firm’s investment focus is on emerging Canadian companies engaged in software, cloud computing, financial services, and clean tech business models which fundamentally change the way people conduct business or enjoy their lifestyles and are actively seeking to place growth capital into exciting emerging companies across Canada providing both equity and debt financing.

BEST Funds extensive experience in the venture capital field helps ensure that all of its investors partake in unique opportunities, otherwise available only to high net worth and institutional investors.

For further information please contact the BEST Funds head office at: 416-203-7331

For further information, please contact:

Alan Chettiar

BEST Investment Counsel Limited

Tel: 416-203-7331 x235

About Infonaut Inc. (

In 2003, after witnessing the SARS crisis firsthand, two healthcare IT professionals decided to fill a critical gap in the resources available to healthcare planners: with a map-based GIS tool that supports fast, information-rich decisions.

Healthcare is a sector that’s especially hard hit by information overload. At the same time, decisions made in healthcare have repercussions which are both sweeping and, sometimes, intensely personal.

Infonaut specializes in taking overwhelming volumes and types of data, refining it, and representing it in an intuitive way. We filter out the noise and give decision-makers what they actually need: easy-to-use, easy-to-read, decision support solutions. Making information informative.

Today, Infonaut has grown into a trusted and essential partner for government organizations, agencies, healthcare providers and related private-sector companies.

To find out more about Infonaut, please contact:

Niall Wallace

Infonaut Inc. – or visit –

About OneBigPlanet Corp (

OneBigPlanet Corp. is the Intelligent Offer Network providing publishers and developers the ability to monetize their audience with relevant local and national offers. With their proven affiliate tracking technology, they provide access to a vast database of commissionable daily deals and national offers that can be tracked from multiple sources in a single system.

OneBigPlanet’s belief is that successful conversion lies in both having quality offers and consumer relevance based on context, time, interests and medium. The OneBigPlanet database sits on an Offer Relevance Engine that enhances the data available for each offer in order to match it with the right consumer. Whether you’re an online publisher or a mobile developer, OneBigPlanet provides a full suite publishing tools ranging from APIs to customizable widgets, e-mails and deal sites.

What sets OneBigPlanet apart is their dedication to creating strategies on a per client basis to ensure optimal revenue potential.

For more information about OneBigPlanet Corp., visit


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