Executive Team

John Richardson

(416) 203-7331 ext. 228

Since founding BEST Funds in 1996, Mr. Richardson has been heavily involved in all aspects of the firm and its funds. As Chief Executive Officer and Director of BEST Funds, Mr. Richardson has been the individual ultimately responsible for the performance of BEST and its clients’ portfolios. Mr. Richardson is involved with all transactions and also ensures that the firm operates efficiently and in compliance with all regulatory requirements.  Mr. Richardson holds a Master of Business Administration degree from the State University of New York.  He also has a certificate pratique de langue francais from University de Savoie, an Accounting Diploma from Wilfred Laurier University and a Bachelors of Arts from The University of Western Ontario.


Tom Lunan

(416) 203-7331 ext. 230

Since joining the firm in 2000, Mr. Lunan has been involved in portfolio management and is the Chief Financial Officer for each of BEST’s mutual fund clients. Mr. Lunan is also involved in the on-going compliance procedures and obligations of the BEST Funds group.  Prior to joining BEST, Mr. Lunan held positions as Manager of Corporate Listings at the Toronto Stock Exchange and in the Corporate Finance Branch of the Ontario Securities Commission.  Mr. Lunan is a past director of the Toronto Society of Financial Analysts and chair of the Candidate Education Program of this society. Tom is also a director of the Canadian World Fund Limited, a TSX listed closed-end fund and a director of several private companies.  Tom holds a Bachelors of Arts with a major in economics and accounting from Wilfred Laurier University. Tom is also a Chartered Accountant and a Chartered Financial Analyst Charterholder.


Alan Chettiar

(416) 203-7331 ext. 235

As a Senior Portfolio Manager and a member of the executive team at BEST Funds, Mr. Chettiar is principally involved in transactions, managing portfolio investments and conducting due diligence on prospective opportunities. Mr. Chettiar actively negotiates transactions and recommends investments for approval by BEST’s independent boards of directors.  Mr. Chettiar is responsible for monitoring BEST’s venture debt portfolio, and he is involved in the operations of portfolio companies as a member of portfolio company boards of directors and in a consulting capacity, advising on various strategic initiatives.

Alan is principally involved in the firm’s Cloud portfolio; working with companies such as XPI Inc., ERMS Corporation, and Geminare Incorporated, among others.

Alan brings to the firm a Bachelor of Laws from Dalhousie Law School, a Bachelor of Commerce with a Major in Global Business Management from St. Mary’s University, as well as an MBA from the Ted Rogers School of Management and the CIM designation.

Alan joined BEST Funds in 2007.


Sean De Agrella

(416) 203-7331 ext. 233